Recent Testimonials


Justin picked up the phone right away and was very pleasant to talk to. He listened carefully and responded to my e-mails and faxes very quickly. He was also honest with me about my situation and his advice was sensible.


In my opinion, Justin is very successful because he is focused on the result (winning the case) and not on the administrative process (charging hours). I felt than he can be trusted with handling my case after our introductory conversation - his high level of professionalism and business ethics manifested themselves within our half-hour phone conversation. My review is obviously not a warranty that Justin will win every case. Life is life and there are a lot of uncertainties. What is certain, that if a case has a chance of winning, Justin will not miss this chance.


Justin is a very helpful and knowledgeable lawyer. He helped me to understand everything pertaining to my case. He was able to answer any question that I had about the details and possible options that I had. On top of all that I would send him and e-mail with questions and receive a response full of the answers I was looking for, even if they weren’t in my favor, usually within a few minutes. I would recommend Justin to anyone that I know personally for anything similar to my case.