Our practice concentrates on business and real estate law. We regularly work with homebuyers and sellers, investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and small to mid-sized companies, providing savvy, yet straightforward legal services in and near Davis, California.

The following list of services represents merely a few of the highlights of our practice and is by no means exhaustive.


Purchase and Sale of Real Estate Assets

Buying a home will probably be the largest and most significant purchase you will make in your life. It also involves the law of real property, which is unique and raises special issues of practice, and problems not present in other transactions.

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L/L/E (Leases, Licenses & Easements)

Understanding the differences between a lease of real property, a license and an easement can help determine which one to use in a specific situation.

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Syndication & Group Investments

Syndication is the act of bringing together in co-ownership a group of investors to fund the purchase, operations, and eventual resale of an income-producing property. There are several benefits derived from syndication.

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Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are a relatively simple structure through which to develop real estate. In their simplest and most typical form, real estate joint ventures combine the real estate expertise of a developer participant with the equity of a capital participant. Though this synergy of skills and resources has obvious benefits, poor planning in the initial stages can lead to an ugly break-up.

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Real Estate Brokerage Compliance

Keeping your office and your real estate business compliant with federal, state and local regulations is a constant challenge. Justin Lowenthal, an experienced attorney and real estate broker, will help you meet the challenges, bring you into compliance and help you prevent discipline and disputes.

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Real Estate Brokerage Start-Ups

Starting and running a real estate brokerage involves unique licensing and compliance issues, which makes it much different than a traditional business start-up. Attorney-Broker Justin Lowenthal has extensive experience in broker and agent law, and a strong background in business formation and real estate transactions, making him uniquely suited for representing brokers in these business ventures.

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Real Estate Broker-Client Disputes

The agreement between real estate broker and their client often -  but not often enough - is in writing and sets out the terms and conditions of the agreement. There are multiple factors to consider and when those factors are not addressed or made clear, disputes may arise. Disputes with clients might also arise in the event a party alleges nondisclosure or misrepresentation of facts pertaining to the property.

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Procuring Cause & Commission Disputes

Commission disputes often boil down to what is referred to in the industry as "procuring cause." The agent who ultimately caused the buyer to purchase the home and earned the commission is generally the procuring cause agent. 

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Business Entity Formations and Reorganizations

The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires legal advice from an experienced attorney who is  entrenched in the particulars of liability protection, tax strategy and venture financing.

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Business & Commercial Contracts

Times change, needs change, people change and memories fade. Therefore, when making a personal or business deal it is important to memorialize the terms in writing. A properly drafted written agreement preserves the understanding of the parties as to their rights and responsibilities, spells out who gets what benefit for what cost and sets up a mechanism as to how the contract can be ended and under what circumstances.

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Our other areas of practice include:

  • Partnerships, joint ventures, limited liability companies, and corporations

  • Business entity structuring (formation), mergers, and reorganization

  • Buying & selling businesses, acquisition evaluations, and legal due diligence

  • Contracts, commercial agreements, and LOI

  • Investment agreements

  • Shareholder rights

  • Software & IP licensing

  • Internet agreements

  • Clearing clouds on title

  • Boundaries & zoning

  • Probate representation & trust administration

  • Real estate redevelopment & finance, group investments and private placements

  • Business & real estate taxation, including 1031 Exchange strategies

  • Co-ownership disputes, partition and quiet title actions

  • C.A.R. mediation and arbitration

  • Common Interest Developments ("Davis-Sterling Act")